RRR Lead Program Manager

The Ramadan Rush for Rewards program has been historically led by board member Sabina Abdul-Qadir. For Ramadan 2017, Sabina will stay on as a consultant and be available to guide the RRR leader with the intention of fully handing it over by Ramadan 2018 planning time.  It is our intention to have a lead selected ASAP.

This position requires strong organizational skills, ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously and meet deadlines.  Personal enthusiasm towards service, optimism, comfort with the creative processes and ability to work well with others is important along with a sense of humor.

The responsibilities of the RRR Lead fall in three main categories

Planning & Logistics

  • Schedule volunteer recruitment meeting with MWA Volunteer Coordinator and subsequent regular volunteer meetings
  • Finalize event schedule
  • Select project managers: share detailed responsibilities, provide assistance when needed
  • Secure venues and establish relationships
  • Should be highly organized, and be able to work as part of a team as well as independently
  • Commit to keeping detailed and accurate records of the events
  • Prepare outcome/tracking reports


  • Set up regular meetings with project managers and volunteers
  • Schedule weekly calls with project managers
  • Provide Sabina with weekly detailed updates (Sabina will communicate with board)
  • Work with graphic artist to create materials for print and email ads
  • Arrange for photographer to be present at each event to secure quality photos for our communications
  • Work with Khadija on communication content to be sent out on multiple platforms


  • Use master budget as created by Sabina
  • Secure grants, fund solicitation from various sources (mosques, individual donors)
  • Create individual budgets per event
  • Assist project managers and volunteers in setting up fundraising goals and meeting them
  • Track incoming donations: in amounts and type (zakat vs. charity, cash vs. check…etc.)
  • Make weekly deposits of incoming donations (give funds to Cima or Noor)
  • Work with Cima & Noor on securing payments to vendors in timely and organized fashion
  • Work with project managers and volunteer to submit reimbursement requests correctly and promptly


*RRR handbook is a large and comprehensive document that details the specific steps and timeline involved in executing each individual event in the RRR lineup. The RRR lead would share these details with each project manager and make sure they remain on task.