The mission of MWA’s philanthropy cornerstone is to help our membership identify projects for which financial resources can enable us to be powerful agents of kindness and generosity. MWA will serve as a platform for those organizations to promote collaboration between Muslims and those involved in community building.

Community Service

MWA fosters the development of civic Рminded Muslims by providing substantive community service opportunities FOR PEOPLE OF ALL FAITHS through partnerships based on mutual trust and respect.   MANY OF The service programs are ALSO selected with children in mind so that entire families have the opportunity to serve together. Our goal is to promote the roots of caring that run deep within our Islamic tradition.

Personal Development

Personal development encourages women to understand where they are now, know where they want to be, and give them the opportunities to get to where they want to go through support networks, success stories, and lessons learned. Our basic mission is two fold: To assist Muslim women in enhancing their potential both individually and collectively, and to identify role models who exemplify this calling.

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