Mission Statement

Muslim Women’s Alliance is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization focused on the Islamic values of fairness, service to others, and community building. MWA’s core focus areas are development of women leaders, fostering community service, mentoring women to build confidence, and empowering the community through awareness and action on social issues.


The role of a Muslim Woman has always been held high in our Islamic history where there are many examples of strong women that were scholars, activists, and career women. It is incumbent on every Muslim to take a more active role not just as individuals but in our contribution to humanity. MWA’s vision is to empower Muslim women by helping them become leaders, make positive impacts in their communities, and enhance their own lives using MWA’s three cornerstones. Our core values of integrity, generosity, compassion and leadership are defined by our Islamic ideals, and our future will be guided by the support of our members and dedicated volunteers.  As individuals we have our own strengths but as a united sister’s alliance, we are even stronger and more capable together. Our goal is to strengthen our bonds locally and then design a replicable model to implement MWA chapters nationally and internationally. 

Annual Achievements 

MWA Achievements 2009 MWA Achievements 2010 MWA Achievements 2011 MWA Achievements 2012

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