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Board Members


Noor Raheemullah Hasan, Executive Director (2007 –

Noor Hasan is the Executive Director of the Muslim Women’s Alliance. MWA was founded by a group of dedicated women, including herself, who wanted to see a change in the perception of Muslim women.  She was the Director of Community Relations before she took over as Executive Director in 2013.  During her time as MWA Executive Director, she has seen the Muslim Women’s Alliance grow in programming, membership, and development.  We have expanded to all over Chicago and taken some of our programming nationally as well.  

Her parents were pioneers in developing the early Chicago Muslim community, and she wishes to continue that by empowering and celebrating women through MWA.  Besides her MWA work, she volunteers with her local school PTA as team manager for the soccer team and masjid.  



Khadija Husain, Board Director (2013 –

Khadija Husain has enjoyed volunteering with the Muslim Women’s Alliance since 2010. During that time, Khadija has served as co-chair for the annual Celebration of the Muslim Woman Event, community service project manager for the Feed a Family event during Ramadan Rush for Rewards, and interfaith program manager for the Ten Year Community Commemoration of September 11. She considers her non-profit work a vital part of being a balanced Muslim. With her husband, Khadija is working hard to ensure that their four young children strongly commit to their faith and community. Although her childhood dream of living in a library failed to be realized, thanks to the advent of e-books, Khadija is pretty happy with the compromise.

Tahani Hassan, Board Director (2018 –

Tahani Hassan is joining the Muslim Women’s Alliance Board of Directors and is focusing on fundraising. Tahani holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from Loyola University. She interned at Heartland Alliance Refugee and Immigrant Community Services, helping refugees with employment preparation and job placement. She served as a board member for Arab American Family Services (AAFS) for five years. She traveled to Nicaragua for a conservation project and recently returned from Jordan, assisting Syrian refugees. She has worked with the University of Michigan, assisting with research for the Arab-Jewish dialogue. She has been a key program manager of the MWA Mentorship Programs and also served as the volunteer coordinator. Tahani aims to empower young people to take leadership roles for self and societal betterment.

Aisha Ghori Ozaki, Board Director (2018 –

Aisha Ghori Ozaki is joining the Muslim Women’s Alliance Board of Directors and is focusing on leadership development. Aisha is a manager on the enterprise-wide Inclusive Diversity team at Allstate (since 2015), where she supports communication, marketing, training, education, and metrics. Aisha is a frequent presenter and facilitator on diversity and inclusion as well as career development topics and is devoted to ensuring that all individuals feel welcome, find their passion, and contribute toward creating an inclusive environment. Aisha volunteers with multiple organizations and especially enjoys her mentoring and time with Upwardly Global Chicago, the DePaul University Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) program, the Muslim Women’s Alliance (MWA), and the Career Transitions Center of Chicago (CTC).

Yasmeen Shaban, Board Secretary (2022 –

Yasmeen Shaban is joining the Muslim Women’s Alliance Board of Directors as Board Secretary. 

Alumni Board Leaders

Anisha Ismail Patel, Co-Founder and Former Executive Director (2007- 2012)
Esra Rahima (2015 – 2021)
Suroor Raheemullah, (2012 – 2019)
Sabina Abdul-Qadir, (2007 – 2019)
Maheen Ahmed, (2017 – 2018)
Muna Odeh, (2016 – 2017)
Cima Dairaineh, (2016 – 2018)
Farzana Moinuddin, (2012 – 2015)
Beenish Manzoor, (2012- 2014)
Ayesha Ahmed, (2010- 2013)
Saadiha Khaliq  (2011-2012)
Husna Ghani  (2008- 2011)
Asma Hashmi (2008-2009)
Asra Husain Mohammed (2007-2008)
Yusra Gomaa (2007 -2008)

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