Core Focus Areas

Develop Women Leaders

Muslim Women’s Alliance is committed to elevating women leaders, activists and scholars in a range of platforms such as national MWA conferences annually, spiritual and online workshops. MWA also supports aspiring students through our Aisha Scholarship program and provides financial independence for women in need through our Khadija Fund.

Community Service

MWA fosters the development of civic – minded Muslims by providing substantive community service opportunities FOR PEOPLE OF ALL FAITHS through partnerships based on mutual trust and respect.   MANY OF The service programs are ALSO selected with children in mind so that entire families have the opportunity to serve together. Our goal is to promote the roots of caring that run deep within our Islamic tradition.


MWA mentorship program has 3 programs: one focusing high school girls (grades 9-12), second is a community-based program through a local Chicago masjid and the Emerging Leaders program supports college undergraduate women

Empower for Gender Equity

MWA is spearheading the movement to bring gender equity back in to mosques in accordance with the Prophetic tradition. MWA developed a 4 step strategy to implement at local masajid to ensure women have access to pray in the main prayer area, elevating women into leadership positions, and amplifying Muslim women speakers in masjid programming and propelling their voices to create more gender panels and actively working with other national/local orgs on their speaker lineups

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