March 11, 2019  The Mary Sue

Even Fox News Won’t Stand by Jeanine Pirro’s Overtly Anti-Muslim Rant

 By Vivian Kane

Over the weekend, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro said some seriously gross and misguided things about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. In a bizarre monologue, Pirro takes on Omar’s recent statements condemning pro-Israel lobbying groups in Washington D.C. and those groups’ apparent immunity to criticism.  Read More…

February 5, 2019  Religion & Politics

What These Muslim Activists Found at the Women’s March

By Monique Parsons

few times every block along the route of the third annual Women’s March in Washington, Khadija Husain heard a voice call out from the crowd: “May I take your picture?” Each time, she paused and held her poster high, smiling as the photographer offered a “thank you” or thumbs-up before moving on. Read More…

January 16, 2017  altMuslim

In Support of Muslims: Diverse Women’s Marchers Pledge Unity for Multiple Causes

By Anisha Ismail Patel

The evening before the #WomensMarch on Washington, more than 50 individuals from diverse backgrounds boarded a bus in Chicago headed for our nation’s capital. Christian, Muslim and Jain; men, women and youth; black, brown and white together settled in for the 12-hour trip ahead. Read More…

April 4, 2009  Huffington Post

Celebrating the Power of (Muslim) Women

By Naazish Yarkhan

Quick Question: What do you get when you assemble 250 women in one room? Answer: Sheer energy! Yes, that would aptly describe the very sold out, much buzzed about, inaugural Muslim Women’s Alliance (MWA) brunch at the Westin in suburban Lombard recently. Read More…

 Chicago Crescent 
Service Spotlight: Muslim Women’s Alliance

This Ramadan, men, women and children had the opportunity to serve the community thanks to five great events organized by the Muslim Women’s Alliance. From August 9 to September 12, MWA’s Ramadan Rush for Rewards initiative had an outstanding turnout from the community. Read More…

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